Going deeper at Christmas

So I couldn’t not write a christmas piece for this blog what with it being the second most important festival in the Christian faith. But what could a fetish blog possibly have to say about this most wonderful time of the year?

Well it is the time of decorations and nativitys, eating too much and spending vast amounts of money on throw away gifts. The levels our Western society goes to at this time of year reeks almost of debauchery. But this debauchery is not what its about at all. If you take your understanding of Christmas from what we see around us on the TV, websites and high streets you’re in danger of massively missing the point.

It’s a similar phenomenon to how people from the vanilla world see BDSM. People looking from the outside in may see the leather, the pvc, the whips the chains the toys and all that jazz and think it’s all for show, or about who has the most expensive gear or heaven forbid that it’s all about SEX.

Of course we know it’s not about all of those things. It’s about something more. BDSM is so much deeper then what it may seem on the surface layer. Yes the shiny gear and sex and debauchery are fun and great inclusions to our scene. But if that’s all your BDSM is about then I think you are sorely missing out. Dig deeper and you will find hidden meanings, remarkably strong relationships and intense sensations.

So it is with Christmas. If you go below the tinsel and presents and gluttony you find that it’s actually about the greatest of Gods becoming the lowliest of people. The God that created the whole of existence humbling Godself and being born through blood and pain and shit. The Giving God continuing to give through the birth of a Son who became the saviour of the world.

But why does this matter? It matters because through becoming human God was able to fully embody our human experience. It’s like the advice given to dominants that they never use a toy on a submissive which they haven’t tested on themselves first. God switched so that God may fully live and experience our humanity. It’s all about the deeper experience. Instead of being a far off distant Deity, God came right down to our level and fully entered human understanding. God also came first to the shepherds, who were their society’s down troden, freaks and outcasts, not unlike how many people would view kinksters today.

So there is something that the fetish scene can offer the festive season; a willingness to go deeper and search under the surface.

So this Christmas don’t just take things at face value, look for the deeper meaning within life. You may just discovery something truly profound amongst the waste.

(Also the reason I’m posting my Christmas piece a few days after the actual day is because liturgically christmas doesn’t officially end until the 6th of January)


About Natalie Waste

Bisexual, Lifestyle-Submissive CD. Theology student blogging about Kink, Christianity and Theology. kinktheology.wordpress.com
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