Church Dogminatrix – Meditation & Prayer

Prayer and meditation are staples of the religious and spiritual life. In fact it’s neigh on impossible to lead a spiritual life without at least one of these things. They’re certainly not exclusively Christian either, prayer is universal to all religions and meditation can be both religious and secular.

As a way of communicating with the Divine and getting to the very cores of ourselves as spiritual beings there is nothing better then prayer and meditation but what can they offer the BDSM world?

Firstly I think prayer, specifically mantras or short repeated phrases, can help with processing pain and long intense sessions. Whilst you are in the middle of receiving a long intense beating using a repeated prayer or mantra and help you focus your mind and deepen your experience, much like counting out loud can.

Secondly it can be used as a way out of sub drop or a method of after care. By praying together you can help reconnect to the world outside of you and God. You and your partner can also offering up issues you are dealing or struggling with to God. Just be careful you do not end up remaining in a spacey-place through too much meditation!

Prayer can also help in other areas of life, for example I often asked for help with and gave thanks for my D/s relationship both when it was hard and when it was easy. I found it a incredibly helpful during the darker times.

I’ve also used prayer as a of approaching God as my Divine Top and use prayer to build and strengthen my relationship with Her.

Please don’t see this as my advocating bring prayer into play, or trivializing the religious experiences of millions. I am trying to encourage you to entwine your sexual life with your prayer life as a way of enriching both. Always make sure anyone you are praying with is comfortable for you to do so first!

Prayer is sacred, and so is sex so why not bind them both together?

Methods and prayers to use:

The Jesus Prayer:   Lord Jesus Christ,

Only Son of God,

Have Mercy on me a sinner.


The Angelus:    Hail Mary Full of Grace

The Lord is with thee

Blessed are you amongst woman

and blessed is the fruit of your womb Jesus


Use your own! – Just begin by opening the prayer by addressing God eg Dear Lord, Holy Jesus, Loving Mother Spirit….

Then simply offer up those things you need help with (recovering after a heavy session, removal of guilt) the things you are thankful for (thank you for my amazing sub/top/lover) and offer prayer for those you love (please make sure my partner is ok/pleased/healthy)

Finish the prayer with Amen.

Easy peasy!


(There are also some prayer resources on the useful resources page!)



About Natalie Waste

Bisexual, Lifestyle-Submissive CD. Theology student blogging about Kink, Christianity and Theology.
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