Role reversals on Palm Sunday

Holy week begins today on Palm Sunday which is the day when Christians remember Jesus’ entry into Jerusalm on the back of a donkey an event that occurs in all four of the Gospels.

It’s a brash outlandish public display of power during the busiest time of year for the city. Jesus is mimicking the political leaders of His day who would parade into the city after great victories showing off the spoils of battle. However Jesus does it not in pomp in splender but on the back of a donkey. He is mocking the great displays of the leaders by playfully  making a game of it and in so doing shows pompous political power for what it really is.

It’s similar to the way those who engage in Dominant/submissive role playing portray the world.

One of the greatest misunderstandings about the kink world is the idea that it reinforces oppressive relationships and abusive situations. However Nicholas Leccetti writes that rather than copy or perpetuate the damaging, non-consensual and oppressive power dynamics of the world the players are actually turning them on their head and dismantling them.

In a world built upon the oppression of people by white cis heterosexual men, any role playing game which puts another in charge over them not only inverts the power dynamics but also shows up the immoral power dynamics of the world for what they are; non-consensual abuse.

Turning oppressive dynamics upside down and making a game out of them not only undermines them but helps to loosen their grip on those who take part in the game.

This mocking of the powerful also corrupts their position. In bringing them down and turning their actions into a game Jesus is corrupting them. And through this corruption they are shown how truly corrupt they are.

By choosing a donkey instead of a horse Jesus is not mimicking but mocking the power games of the political elite. A wandering preacher and dissident is playing the role of the conquering king on his way to the death of an outsider. This is the ultimate role reversal game designed not only to show up their oppressive rule but, like the kinksters who also play with roles, to begin to loose their grip on those who took part in Jesus’ role revearsing game of corrupting the corrupt.

Laccetti, Nicholas, ‘Calvary and the Dungeon, Theologizing BDSM’, in Kathleen T. Talvacchia (ed.), Queer Christianities, Lived Religion in Transgressive Forms (New York, New York University Press, 2015), 149

About Natalie Waste

Bisexual, Lifestyle-Submissive CD. Christian minister blogging about Kink, Christianity and Theology.
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