Useful Resources

On this page I am hoping to add a list of resources, books, websites and other things that I have found useful and that will hopefully be useful to others hoping to learn more about this topic.

I also realised it might be worth offering some resources for those who wish to explore the christian faith but don;t know where to start so there are some things listed here to help you get going.

I’ll add more as I get round to it.


  • Fetlife  – a social networking site for Kinksters. It’s like Facebook but for kinky people. Good place to meet people if you’re new to the scene or not as well as containing vast quantities of useful forum pages with advice and how-to guides. (Warning, it has come to light that Fetlife is not as secure as it may first appear and they have dodgy policies when it comes to reporting abuse, hopefully these issues will be resolved in time and with the right pressure, see links in the comment below for more info)
  • Clarisse Thorn – This woman is the reason I’m writing, her stuff has been so influential, not just for me, but for countless people on the scene. She writes from a feminist perspective using her own personal experiences of the scene to tackle issues on female submission, subdrop and consent. Very readable and very informative.
  • Sugar Butch – A queer BDSM blog site which is totally awesome! Some really good articles on how to get going, discovering yourself, toy reviews and erotic stories. Spent a lot of my spare time working my way through this. She also writes on gender, relationships and politics.

Books & Articles 

  • Althaus-Reid, Marcella, Indecent theology: theological perversions in sex, gender and politics, (London: Routledge, 2000)  – I’ll be putting a lot of Marcella’s work on here and referencing it a lot. She’s a massive influence on me and any radical sexual theology that will be written in the future. She’s that important. Her arguments and language can be quite difficult to follow at times but her ideas are fresh, daring, provocative and exciting! She even writes briefly about the leather community in here and how they can understand God to be the Ultimate Switch.
  • Boer, Roland, “Yahweh as Top: A Lost Targum” in Queer Commentary and the Hebrew Bible ed. Ken Stone (Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 2001).
  • Carette, Jeremy, “Intense Exchange: Sadomasochism, Theology and the Politics of Late Capitalism” in Theology and Sexuality 11.2 (2005), 11-30.
  • Isherwood, Lisa and Mark D Jordan, Dancing Theology in Fetish Boots: Essays in Honour of Marcella Althaus-Reid (London: SCM, 2010).
  • Jasper, Alison, “Reading for Pleasure/Reading for Pain: Feminist Reflections on the Passion Narrative in John’s Gospel”, in Hayes, Porter & Tombs (ed.) Religion and Sexuality, (Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 1998).
  • Jennings, Theodore W., An Ethic of Queer Sex, Principles and Improvisations (Chicago: Exploration Press, 2013).
  • Laccetti, Nicholas, ‘Calvary and the Dungeon, Theologizing BDSM’, in Kathleen T. Talvacchia (ed.), Queer Christianities, Lived Religion in Transgressive Forms (New York, New York University Press, 2015).
  • MacKendrick, Karmen, Counterpleasures (New York: University Press, 1999).
  • Peterson, Thomas V., ‘Gay Men’s Spiritual Experience in the Leather Community’ in Gay Religion, ed Scott Thumma and Edward R Gray (Walnut Creek: AltaMira Press) 
  • Sherwood, Yvonne, ‘Passion – Binding – Passion’ in Toward a Theology of Eros: Transfiguring

Faith resources

  • Bibles – There are countless translations out there and some are undoubtedly better then others. the best two (in not only mine, but most academic’s opinion) are the NRSV and the NIV. Both are a good balance of readability and accuracy and are both good for study and devotional purposes. biblegateway is an excellent online resource with loads of translations in loads of different languages and allows you to highlight, cross reference and have two texts side by side simultaneously, helped me with countless essays, sermons and blog posts.
  • Prayer – There are loads of daily prayer resources and services for you to use in your devotional life available online, it’s just a matter of finding stuff that works for you. one site I use often is the Anglican Join us in Daily Prayer which offers you their daily office complete with psalm and readings in either traditional or modern language. Another really useful resource is Common Prayer for Ordinary Radicals which is a liturgy resource complied from people of many different denominations with a particular emphasis upon Social Justice Issues. Can be found in a book and online here:

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