What is kink Theology?

A good place to start this blog would be a brief explanation of what I mean by Kink Theology and why I think it is an important thing to do.

To do this I’ll briefly explain in turn what I mean by theology and kink and then what I intend to do by bringing the two together.

This is only an extremely brief introduction. I could go into huge depth on both subjects but have chosen to keep it as brief as possible and so only explain how I am defining each of the titles to mean.

In future I will take more time so that I can go into more depth on both of these massive subjects.


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Mary Magdalene

This sermon was preached in a parish church on the feast of St. Mary Magdalene 2018 based upon teh Ressurrection narrative from John’s Gospel here.

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BDSM and the Eucharist

“Take, eat, this is my body broken for you”

When it comes to intimacy with God, no other act of worship or devotion brings us closer or deeper into contact with the Divine than the Eucharist.

In the Eucharist, or Communion, Christ gives us his broken Body and out poured Blood, to take into our selves and thus join us with his heavenly body in Heaven. By physically taking his Body into ourselves this act takes on a sexual, as well as spiritual dimension.

The sexual act of Eucharist also displays highly fetishistic rituals and behaviours. Continue reading

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Rubber Hooded Clergy

In the world of Christian liturgical worship clothing is very important, and when used correctly can bring a whole other dimension to the experiences of those involved. Special types of clothing worn by those leading worship (and occasionally those participating as well) are designed to act as symbols enhancing the experience of those observing the people wearing them and also to change the perception and experience of the people wearing the clothes themselves. Continue reading

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Role reversals on Palm Sunday

Holy week begins today on Palm Sunday which is the day when Christians remember Jesus’ entry into Jerusalm on the back of a donkey an event that occurs in all four of the Gospels.

It’s a brash outlandish public display of power during the busiest time of year for the city. Jesus is mimicking the political leaders of His day who would parade into the city after great victories showing off the spoils of battle. Continue reading

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The Waiting Room by Ruben Alternative Art

So a few weeks ago I spent some time in a silent monastery, and what does one do in a silent monastery? One spends time in silent prayer.


The trouble with silent prayer though is whilst you are busy doing nothing; God is also often doing nothing.

You can sit there expecting the world of God but that doesn’t mean God is going to turn up. Often in response to your doing nothing you’ll find God also does nothing .

Just …… Silence.

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Who is this King of Glory? – A sermon for Christ the King

It’s the feast of Christ the king today so here’s my sermon for a small rural church based on Luke 23.33-43


A reading from Psalm 24

Lift up your heads, O you gates; and be lifted up, you everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in.

Who is this King of glory?

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Fear the Lord your Dom/me


Deuteronomy 10.20: You shall fear the Lord your God; him alone you shall worship; to him you shall hold fast, and by his name you shall swear.


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The Martyrdom of Stephen and the martyrdom of the Queer.

This is a reflection I wrote for a group of LGBT+ Christians as part of their summer reflection series looking at the book of acts. I chose Stephens Martyrdom because I wanted a weighty topic to get behind before the martyrdom of Fr. Jaques Hamal, so this passage took on a whole other level for me personally after that.

The passage is Acts 6.8-15 and 7.54-8.3

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Fr. Dominant/br. submissive – Monastic Kink

I spent some time living alongside a community of monks recently and as I’m attempting to write a kink based theology I did some reflecting and tried to view it through the BDSM lens….. with varying results

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Slaves and Masters – A Kinky Person Reads Ephesians.

This post was originally written for a friend who created an online queer commentary for the letter to the Ephesians. I was given the passage about slaves and masters (for obvious reasons) which can be found here:  Ephesians 6.5-9 – with different translations here

Ephesians 6.5-9

Slaves, obey your earthly masters with fear and trembling, in singleness of heart, as you obey Christ; not only while being watched, and in order to please them, but as slaves of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart. Render service with enthusiasm, as to the Lord and not to men and women, knowing that whatever good we do, we will receive the same again from the Lord, whether we are slaves or free.

And, masters, do the same to them. Stop threatening them, for you know that both of you have the same Master in heaven, and with him there is no partiality.

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