What is kink Theology?

A good place to start this blog would be a brief explanation of what I mean by Kink Theology and why I think it is an important thing to do.

To do this I’ll briefly explain in turn what I mean by theology and kink and then what I intend to do by bringing the two together.

This is only an extremely brief introduction. I could go into huge depth on both subjects but have chosen to keep it as brief as possible and so only explain how I am defining each of the titles to mean.

In future I will take more time so that I can go into more depth on both of these massive subjects.


What do I mean by Theology? Continue reading

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I’m sorry Daddy I’ve been naughty….

Confession seems to be one of those church things that still holds the fascination and imagination of nonchurch going people. The mystery, the secretiveness of it, the little box to enter and the hidden voice of a man with power you can not see. It often appears in films with someone trying to conceal their actions under the cloak of darkness. The whole thing is shrouded under a vail of forbidden secretive energy. Whilst this may have created a goldmine for hidden seductive encounters it has also been profoundly unhelpful….

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A mini sermon for Transgender day of Remembrance 2020

Today is a day for us to come together as a community to mourn our deaths and celebrate our lives.

It’s a day that shouldn’t have to exist, mainly because we remember and honour those lost everyday, but also because we shouldn’t have to live in fear of our lives simply for existing.

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A Rite for a Collaring Ceremony

The collaring ceremony is a highly prized event for any D/s couple and is something that many people plan for a long time, especially when the collar has been earnt after a long process. This is my version of a Christian collaring ceremony rite.

This is something I’ve been thinking about creating for a while now. A few people have asked me to do something like this for them in various ways so I thought I’d create something more formal based upon a traditional marriage celebration.

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Leading in Drag(ish)

I’ve started taking an inclusive LGBTI+ eucharist once a month intending for it to be a safe space for anyone to come and “be themselves”.

Whilst it’s been a success and people have shed tears over the existence of a space of worship where they can truly be themselves without fear of judgment I’ve always felt I personally needed to hold back and always present as male when there.

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Anxiety and Submissive me.

So I’ve recently started seeing a therapist for my anxiety. It’s been a big step for me because I was one of those (stupid) people who always thought going to therapy was weak, and that I wasn’t really that bad and my anxiety was only temporary and the limitations it had placed on my life weren’t really there I could totally carry on by myself I didn’t need to talk to strangers in shops or make phone calls anyway….. Continue reading

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A light to lighten the Grey

This is a sermon I preached at an LGBTI+ service. It’s also the first time I’ve been open about my sexuality in my professional capacity, so it’s a coming out sermon of sorts.

The passage is Luke 2.22-35

A light to lighten the Gentiles

The people who walk in darkness have seen a great light

The light shines in the darkness – and the darkness did not overcome it

Our faith is a faith of light Continue reading

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Christian Perversions

Recently I’ve been spending time chatting with a number of Christian Kinksters and exploring their ideas of BDSM and kink households. Whilst I do not want to fall into the trap of kink shaming, I must admit what I discovered I found rather troubling. Continue reading

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Church Dogminatrix – Locking Away Desire

Chastity has a long tradition in the Christian church. Long before the toxic purity culture turned it into a poisoning and damaging mindset the men and woman of the monastic tradition where practising self imposed chastity to sharpen their minds and draw them closer to God. Continue reading

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God made me Kinky

God Made me Kinky.

That’s how I know God is ok with BDSM and kink. Because if God made me this way then it surely can not be bad in God’s eyes. BDSM is not a sin if explored safely and not recklessly. Continue reading

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Stained with Blood

A dear friend of mine has recently exhibited a piece of artwork in an exhibition for artists in recovery held in a cathedral. The piece explores the overlap between donating blood and the eucharistic act of sharing Body and Blood and the exclusion from both acts suffered by many. The piece was created to celebrate the change in British law in 2017 that relaxed the limits on those who could give blood who had previously been excluded including the LGBTI+ community and sex workers amongst others. Continue reading

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